Life By The Drop- Part 4


The chorus really just feels like an extension of the verse. It’s 6 measures long and contains 3 lines of lyrics.

You’re living our dreams, oh you on top
My mind is aching, oh Lord it won’t stop
That’s how it happens living life by the drop

The first two lines follow a F#m, D, E chord progression over two measures. The F# is over the first measure and the D and E chords are found in the 2nd measure each getting two beats each.

The last line, “That’s how it happens, living life by the drop”, is sung over the F#m, D, and E chords again, but it’s switched up a little bit. The F#m only gets two beats followed by 2 measures of the D chord and finally a full measure of E, but this last measure is in 2/4 time!

At the end of the chorus, we’ll go back to two measures of the shuffle pattern to set up the next verse.