Hurt – Part 2

There’s nothing fancy about the chorus to Hurt. The four-measure chord progression of G, Am, F, and G just repeats over and over. The strumming pattern is just straight eighth notes, but we’re not going to strum it with your standard up and down strumming. Watch the video lesson for the details:

Redemption Song -Bob Marley

This song might be from Bob Marley, but it’s not a reggae song as you might believe. It’s just a rock type ballad.

It’s in the key of G and uses only simple open chords.


The intro is kind of like adding a little phrase that’s built around a G chord.

Watch The Fret Hand:

Watch The Picking Hand:

You’ll Be Mine- Stevie Ray Vaughan

This is a Vaughan rendition of a Willie Dixon song. The verses and bridge are 16 bars (or measures) long instead of the standard 12. It’s blazing fast too, at 184 beats
per minute. There is a heavy use of muted strings to create a percussive sound.