Hurt – Part 2

There’s nothing fancy about the chorus to Hurt. The four-measure chord progression of G, Am, F, and G just repeats over and over. The strumming pattern is just straight eighth notes, but we’re not going to strum it with your standard up and down strumming. Watch the video lesson for the details:

Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin

No guitarist alive has really ever been able to equal the mass appeal that “Zep’s” Jimmy Page does. Robert Plant, the vocalist and frequent harmonica player, pierces your ears just as much as the solos and riffs that Jimmy plays. The band’s music is a fushion of seering rock and hard-as-nails riffs, and their music will continue to impress […]

Stairway To Heaven Part 3

Now, it’s time to put it together! Practice playing both parts together. No Stairway? This intro from Stairway To Heaven has been the butt of a few jokes over the years because it seemed that every time you went to the music shop someone would be hunched overplaying it. Maybe you’ll remember the scene from the […]