Stairway To Heaven Part 3

Now, it’s time to put it together! Practice playing both parts together. No Stairway? This intro from Stairway To Heaven has been the butt of a few jokes over the years because it seemed that every time you went to the music shop someone would be hunched overplaying it. Maybe you’ll remember the scene from the […]

Stairway To Heaven Part 1

Take your time when learning this part. We want each note to ring out clearly. We have four different chord formations here. Each formation lasts for half a measure or, in other words, 2 beats. We want each chord to ring out, so let each note that you pick ring out with the other notes […]

Stairway To Heaven Part 4

This interlude is easier to play than the main riff that we’ve already learned. There are two variations. In the first, the basic chord progression is C, D, Fmaj7, Am, C, G, D: In the variation, in the last 2 measures, the chord progression is slightly altered with the G being replaced by D and […]

Stairway To Heaven Part 2

In this lesson, we’ll learn the 2nd half of the intro riff that we started in our previous lesson. If you had trouble with the previous lesson, rest assured, the two measures from this half are actually easier than the previous 2 measures. That’s good news, right? In the first measure. we’ll be forming a […]