Wanted (Dead Or Alive)- Bon Jovi

Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate

The song is meant to be played on a 12-string, but you can still play it on your standard acoustic. Also note that there are a few times that you would technically need an electric for the lead guitar, but again you can play this song using only your acoustic. You just may have to alter a few tiny techniques to make it work. (Such as the tremolo dive, a FEW harmonics, etc.)

Intro Theme 1

Download The Guitar Tab For Wanted Dead Or Alive

Wanted (Dead Or Alive) PDF


Come Together – The Beatles

“Come Together” was released as a single in 1969 alongside “Something” it was also released on the album Abbey Road as the first track. This is the opening riff of the song, and for most is instantly recognizable. This riff is pretty easy and should be a good start for beginners.