Hurt – Part 2

There’s nothing fancy about the chorus to Hurt. The four-measure chord progression of G, Am, F, and G just repeats over and over. The strumming pattern is just straight eighth notes, but we’re not going to strum it with your standard up and down strumming. Watch the video lesson for the details:

Tush 1

For this riff, you may want to use your thumb for the “low E” string notes, as it will provide much more ease in playing the riff. The option is still totally up to you though. In this riff, you will be focusing on some palm mutes and a slide, as well as some “vibrato.” Vibrato is when you rapidly shake the string being played with your fret hand as much as possible to produce a wah-like effect. This riff is set to 144 bpm (beats per minute).

Below is the riff slowed down a little to give you some practice:

Here is the riff at normal speed:

Complete Transcription To “Tush” (PDF)

Complete Transcription To “Tush” (Power

Mary Had A Little Lamb by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan

How Hard Is It?

This song’s intro is an instrumental featuring the guitar. It helps make this blues song very unique. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. There are a few quick passages that may trouble some players.

Video Demonstration

In the video below I’ll play the entire intro for you:

“Mary Had A Little Lamb” Guitar Tab


Complete Transcription To “Mary Had A Little Lamb” (PDF)